First Congregational Church of Orange City United Church of Christ

Stewardship – Why should I give?

There is a reason tgivinghat Jesus spoke more about money than any other topic. We let money more than anything else define us and have power over us. Giving is actually a counterpoint to and liberation from our money-dominated, consumer-oriented culture. Giving is also an investment in the future reign of God. People tend to watch their investments closely, turning every morning to the stock market reports to see if their investments went up or down. So it is with investing in God’s reign. You begin to look for signs of dividends in yourself, in your church household, and in the meaning of creation itself. Giving is a way you participate in a church community striving to live in such a way that the reign of God becomes real in each of us and extended to others through us. Giving is also a joy. In giving you are making holy the rest of your life. By structuring your life to make possible gifts to assist people, to give hope, to teach about God’s love, and to nurture people in living peaceful lives, your life is gifted with direction and purpose. Such is grace.