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Welcome to our Staff and Leadership Ministry Directory.
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Sharon Brown
Office Staff
Sharon emigrated from Northern Ireland in April 2010 with her husband David and their four children. Errin 14, Josh 12, Holly 10, and Poppy 8. David was a dairy and poultry farmer back in Ireland. They enjoyed farm life but located to the states for a change in lifestyle. Sharon worked for the Royal National Institution for the Blind. She also spent some time as a housekeeper to four Catholic priests. (386) 775-2462
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David Putnam
Music Director
David was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in the 1980's. He has worked tor the Department of Children and Famlies for 25 years. David has been involved in the music ministry of churches in Michigan and Florida. A few of the communities in which he has ministered in the past are Clearwater, Deltona, and Zellwood. David also serves the church in other capacities. All are welcome to join the choir and make a joyful noise. (386) 775-2462
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David Westcott
Interim Pastor
I am excited and looking forward to serving as your interim minister, and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Although I have lived in many places I am a New Englander at heart, I recently relocated to Florida, and am enjoying it very much. I am a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University; where I majored in philosophy and art history, and then went on to receive a Masters of Divinity from Yale, followed by some doctoral studies at Andover Newton Theological School. I was raised in the Episcopal Church, but joined the UCC during my second year of seminary. Having been ordained in 1993 I went on to serve churches in Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. Over the years I have served in a number of ecumenical organizations, and for two years served the UCC in an NGO capacity at the United Nations. (386) 775-2462
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David McCarthy
(386) 265-4289
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Barbara Tucker
webmaster@orangecityucc.org (386) 774-6730
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2016 Leadership Ministry


Moderator -- Jo Pritchett
Clerk - Ed Pritchett
Treasurer - David Putnam
Financial Secretary - Lou Andrews
Trust Administrator - David Brown
Church Historian - Ginny MacDonald


Barbara Peters
Suzanne Fielding
DeVeda Prochillo
Nancy Kimmel
Gene Stephenson
Doris Ford

Music Committee

Barbara Peters
Louise Stewart
Patt & Don Kline
David Putnam


Sam Bass
David Putnam
Ginny Coles
Lynn Manz
Lionel Ford
Don Kline
Dale Stewart

Stewardship Committee

Sam Bass

Board of Christian Education

Patt Kline
Brooke Light
Ginny MacDonald

Memorials and Gifts

Louise Stewart
Midge Manz
Mert Stephenson

Mission Board

Ruth Draper
Gait Brandt
Lorraine Long
Helen Rosenthal
Ingrid Ringer

Nominating Committee

Ruth Draper
Gerry Wilson
Sharon Brown
Suzanne Fielding
Bob McWaid

Thrift Shop

House Coordinator (call church office)

Garage Coordinator

Gene Stephenson

Gift Shop

Beverly Morris


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“A Place to Share Your Faith Since 1883”

JESUS DIDN’T TURN PEOPLE AWAY, even those often rejected by others. We are like a “company of strangers,” made family by the grace of God. God welcomes, claims, and loves all people. God also feeds our hunger, forgives our sins, and frees us from aimless wandering.

This is no idle chatter.  The United Church of Christ has been bold in extending an invitation to all. For example, our historic denomination was first to ordain an African-American pastor (1785), a woman (1853), and a gay or lesbian  (1972).

We reach out through Worship, Music, Children’s Ministry, Fellowship opportunities for all, Adult Bible Studies, Missions Projects, Community and Global Outreach .

Our facilities are used as an outreach to our community by sharing our space with community groups such as Meals on Wheels, West Volusia Music Club, Art Classes and various AA Groups like the Grateful Group, District 19, Sisters In Sobriety and Sobriety First.


Youth Message


Our Youth Share Their Message
of Extravagant Welcome